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Financial Consultancy

Our financial consultants will assess clients' financial situations and help them prepare a financial plan. We help our clients with financial decisions for education, retirement, investments, and more.

Investment Consulting

With professional investment advisors, we ensure that you securely invest your hard earned money and make the most of it.

Buying & Selling

Buying and selling property take a lot of dedication and effort to make a right deal. our services cover this for you. Our team dedicatedly prepare and research for the most profitable deals for you, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Plot Booking

Book your plots through our agents and get the best deals as well are the security of your property and investment. Our firm does all the background checks for you that protects your hard earned money.

Transaction Management

Investo21 provides supervision of critical business applications and services by auditing the individual transactions that flow across your investments. We make sure all your transactions are protected.

Property Management

Our services are available for residential, commercial, and land real estate. Our expert agents ensure that your physical assets are cared for and monitored with accountability.

Property Development Plans

We also offer complete and personalized plans for the development of properties for our clients. Our plans are flexible and we develop them according to your needs. Join us to get the detailed plan.

Real Estate Marketing

Real estate marketing is the most important feature of real estate development business. Investo21 offers services for real estate marketing to expand your real estate business in Pakistan.

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A revolutionary concept that allows you to maximize the potential of your property business

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Get specialist advice from local experts across all types of residential and rural property

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We have all kinds of services to meet your luxurious and comfortable residential needs

Attention To Details

Our agents will work with you in advance to determine things like your required net proceeds

Frequently Ask Questions

A very important factor to consider before investing in real estate is to choose the right area. Putting your money into properties with no real value is not a good strategy. With the recent widespread development of residential and commercial projects around Pakistan, property prices have skyrocketed.

Commercial properties have a higher value as compared to residential properties. For an investor who is looking to grow assets in a relatively short time, investment in commercial areas is recommended. Houses need repairs and time to increase their value.

Moreover, the availability of water, gas, and transport systems near a property also influences its value. If it does not have such facilities, it is not desirable for buyers.

The state of one’s finances is the most important factor to start a real estate investment. However, in the case where investors do not have enough money to pay for down payments, investors need to be more creative. Funds can be generated in several ways to finance a real estate deal. However, these cannot be guaranteed each time as the market keeps changing. Some of these ways have been listed below:

  • Real estate partnerships
  • Wholesale dealings
  • Conventional property investment loans
  • Home equity loans

Successful real estate investors formulate a strategy based on their investment goals, which helps them in their next venture. Without a proper strategy, a real estate investment is bound to fail. According to real estate experts, most beginners lose their investments because they do not strategize beforehand. Real estate investment provides you with a timeline to hold on to their assets and then invest at the right time. So, tuning investment strategy to goals is essential.

Just like the right strategy, the right financial goals are also important. Whether you are a part-timer or full-time investor, you need to have everything figured out. Should you hold on to the property until prices appreciate to make a profit? Or should you buy a commercial property to start your own business?

Before you start investing, also try to make an accurate calculation of whether you might end up losing money in the first few months, the point at which you may break even, and how much you can expect to make after three to five years. Investo21 assist you in setting these goals and developing the right strategy.

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